Causes and Symptoms

of Failed Brakes in European Cars

When you take care of your brakes, they’ll take care of you when you need them.

Brake servicing is an important part of proper vehicle maintenance.

Even with regular maintenance, the brakes on your car require a professional:


The more you drive, the quicker your brake parts will wear out.


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Rough driving habits

Overheating brake pads

Damaged rotor discs

Leaking hydraulic fluid

Driving through mud or water

Loss of hydraulic brake fluid

Overloading the engine

Causes of Brake Failure

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Illuminated brake light

Signs of brake failure

Squealing or squeaking noise

Grinding noises

Vibration when braking

Spongy or soft brakes

Car pulling to one side

Burning smells








How We Can Help?

DreamCars Auto Repair is a full-service European auto repair shop.

We offer everything in the way of service and inspection to European cars.

For all services performed, DreamCars Auto Repair uses only original equipment.

Dreamcars is one of the only Bosch Approved Service Centers in the Inland Empire.