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Your European car’s check engine light can spark fear in you the moment it lights up, but it can also be a gentle reminder that maintenance is due. There are those rare times that it does mean there is an urgent problem with your vehicle. But, no matter what the reason, you need a mechanic you can trust to find the problem and have the solution that won’t break your bank.

DreamCars in Victoriaville believes in quality, affordable repairs and service that promotes repeat visits from happy customers who trust in us to get the job right the first time you come in.

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Comprehensive Check Engine Light Diagnostics

The most common questions we get from our customers with a check-engine light is: Is it serious and how much is it going to cost? We have the technology to accurately pinpoint the problem, whether that’s inside your engine, if it’s a fluid problem, an exhaust issue, an airflow sensor problem, or many of the other possibilities.

You don’t want a shoddy mechanic hoping they stumble upon the answer. You want quick and accurate results with transparency. That’s exactly what you’ll get from DreamCar’s expert mechanics and technicians.

Some Common Check-Engine Light Problems

  • Oxygen Sensor Malfunction
  • Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF)
  • Catalytic Converter Issues
  • Ignition Coil or Spark Plug Problems
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System Malfunction
  • Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) System Leak
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Even a Loose Gas Cap

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