A city packed full of families throughout the neighborhoods, Apple Valley is widely regarded as San Bernardino County’s number one city for education. Highly certified schools for all age ranges draw residents from across the state looking for the best education possible for their family. Combined with famous locations from multiple big budget films and popular shopping and dining areas there is always traffic to be on the lookout for. Dings and dents are somewhat to be expected as the miles add up but major accidents or tweaks can leave your car’s performance at less than optimum. See why so many drivers throughout Apple Valley choose the experts at DreamCars Auto Repair for all preventative maintenance and various repairs.

Servicing the Most Popular Brands

At DreamCars Auto Repair we offer the area’s largest independent European service center. Instead of overpaying at the dealerships see why drivers of the most popular brands choose to visit our expert mechanics. We currently service all models of:

Our ASE certified mechanics have the latest tools and equipment available to make sure that your car continues to perform at the high levels you expect from it.

Customized Service Save You Time & Money

Each make and model European car requires unique services to maintain peak performance and at DreamCars we specialize in getting the job done right. Instead of offering one size fits all service like the dealership we custom build a plan for your car, this saves you time and money in the repair process and gets you back on the road faster than the competition.
We currently offer all major services including:

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If you’re in the Apple Valley area and your car is experiencing difficulties or in need of minor services and repairs then call DreamCars Auto Repair today. Our certified technicians will help restore your European car to its’ original luster with service that you can count on.

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