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If your engine is the heart of your European car, the transmission is the muscle doing the hard work. Our mechanics can repair your vehicle’s transmission to ensure your drive is smooth and consistent, giving you that sense of peace each time you get in your car. We are here to assess the problem, give you a transparent report, and repair your transmission, whether your car is an automatic or manual transmission. If you suspect you need clutch service or want the problem diagnosed with equipment built for your model, we’ve got you covered.

Our Specialties: European Brands

Comprehensive Transmission Solutions

If you suspect a transmission problem, you’re probably noticing one or more of these symptoms in your European model:

  • Gears that Slip: Transmission problems can feel like your car or SUV is struggling to find the right gear. This can occur unexpectedly, so if your car is experiencing this, it’s best to come in for a checkup to keep safe on the road.
  • Unusual Noises: Any new and strange sounds in your transmission is a warning flag. Listen for a clunking or whining sound, especially when changing from park to drive or during shifting to a higher gear.
  • Leaking Fluid: Fluid is never supposed to leak from your car or SUV. Transmission fluid is usually dark red to reddish pink.
  • Delayed Engagement: If there’s a noticeable delay when you shift from park to drive or reverse, your transmission could be in need of repair.
  • Hot Smell: Your car or SUV is designed to work without overheating. Your transmission is no different. If you smell hot metal or burning fluid, call us or come in right away.

So, why choose us at DreamCars?

  • European brand diagnostic tools
  • We offer quality OEM parts
  • Our genuine and honest customer service sets us apart from mediocre garages

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