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With our large inventory of Land Rover auto parts, DreamCars is the place for all the repair and maintenance supplies needed for your legendary vehicle. The Land Rover has a reputation for being able to go anywhere; however no matter if it’s cruising around the suburbs or on an extended safari, genuine parts are necessary for its optimum operation.

The luxury SUV has its roots in England, and is part of the Jaguar Land Rover group. Modeled after the Jeep, it is the world’s’ second-oldest four-wheel brand. It was made for hard, dependable service and to keep it operating at its best, Land Rover OEM parts are important. Ordering on our website makes it easy to get all your genuine Land Rover parts online

If you have any questions about parts or required maintenance, one of our trained technicians will be available to answer them. Also inquire about our discounts and be sure to stock up on lubricants and filters while you are ordering.

Our Rover parts are designed specifically for your vehicle and have been tested and made for superior quality and durability. They also will protect your vehicle. Air filters, for instance, are designed to meet demanding Land Rover standards for filtration.

DreamCars has genuine parts for everything for your Land Rover and Range Rover. The stylish Range Rover made its British debut in 1970 and came to America in 1987. It has grown in popularity and the burgeoning SUV boom in the 1990s placed it as a leading market brand.

In the Rover’s early days there wasn’t a choice of colors in post-war Great Britain, so they all were painted in shades of light green, dictated by military surplus supplies of aircraft cockpit paint.

Still used by the British Army, the original 1947 Rovers were designed to be field-serviced. One U.S. dealership bragged in an advertisement that it held a record for running 700 miles on banana oil. “If your Range Rover has gone further on banana oil, or any distance on a more exotic lubricant, please write,” it said

Presumably this was somewhere in the tropics, but now this is not an option due to more sophisticated service requirements. From 1994 to 2006 Land Rover was operated by BMW and gained its new reputation as a luxury ride. Your Rover requires specialized maintenance, so contact DreamCars for all your needs.

Sorry, but we don’t carry banana oil.

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