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Cheers from DreamCars to everyone looking for Mini Cooper auto parts for their iconic British car that recently celebrated its 50th birthday, because we have all the parts and accessories enthusiasts need.

Born in the late 1950s as a small fuel-efficient response to the big gas-guzzlers of the era, the Mini soon became the most popular British car ever made. In 1961 British racing legend John Cooper tweaked the economy car into a rally demon with the Mini Cooper 997. At DreamCars we can help you enrich your driving experience with our Mini Cooper performance parts, so contact us online and use our convenient order form.

We have Mini Cooper parts available for all styles, including the latest, which is like the vintage Mini on steroids. Proud owners like to express their individuality with their Mini models, so check with us for Mini Cooper accessories too. Devoted fans like to personalize their Minis

The compact car that was invented to be within economic reach of everyone is also one of the most popular cars in the world. In 1999 a panel of 130 leading international automotive writers voted the Mini as the “European Car of the Century.” It came in second only behind Henry Ford’s Model T in votes for the world title.

In America most motorists drove Ford’s flivvers. There were 8 million on the roads by the beginning of the 1930s and it was the most popular car for decades, the same as the Mini in England.

The Mini Cooper made its U.S. debut in 2002 with new styling and by 2003 took the North American Car of the Year award. Mini admirers like taking their cars to rallies for entertainment and to show them off. Large and small rallies are held around the world, from Italy’s famous Mille Miglia to local rallies held around the United States.

Rallying is old territory for the Mini, because the popular motor sport shaped the image of the brand. The Mini Cooper S became a legend after several victories at Rally Monte Carlo and other venues.

Whether aficionados need parts for repair and maintenance or just want to upgrade the performance, DreamCars has all the Mini Cooper aftermarket parts anyone could want. Just fill out our easy order form and your parts will be on their way. We also offer free quotes and our experts are available to answer any questions.

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