Genuine Volkswagen Auto Parts by DreamCars, Hesperia, CA

Volkswagen means a wagon for the folks or “people’s car” in German and a lot of folks who like to work on their own cars depend on DreamCars VW auto parts. Whether it’s your beloved Beetle or another model, we have everything you need for repairs and maintenance.

Volkswagen is one of the world’s biggest and most popular carmakers, and has a long reputation for dependability and performance. When it’s time for repair or maintenance of your German-engineered VW, we at DreamCars have all the parts for you to ensure work on your VW is up to factory standards. We specialize in well-built European vehicles and specialize in OEM Volkswagen parts.

Get your Volkswagen parts pricing online with our convenient and easy fill-in form and whatever you need will be on its way. No matter if it’s a newer model, something you need to restore a Bug or van, we have the training and expertise to help and can advise you.

All of the Volkswagen auto parts are important, but especially filters. Oil and air filters should changed regularly in compliance with your model’s maintenance plan along with others. The PCV breather filter is important to ensure just clean, filtered air is drawn in. With a clogged breather filter, moisture from engine combustion can result in oil breakdown and sludge buildup. Yearly replacements are recommended and whenever other fuel system parts are replaced — even if you haven’t reached the 30,000-mile benchmark.

Be sure to put an automatic transmission filter on your order list. It transmits energy and cools and lubricates moving transmission parts. A clogged transmission filter can cause transmission slippage, hesitation and problems with engagement. Experts recommend this filter be changed every 12,000-15,000 miles to extend the life of your automatic transmission.

The legendary Volkswagen is one of the most admired and highly engineered cars in the world. It was created by Ferdinand Porsche, who also designed the Porsche. Owners in the “V-dub fan club” take special pride in their vehicles, no matter if they drive an antique Bug, as the beloved compact car is also called, or a new SUV.

DreamCars takes special pride in helping you keep your treasured VW running up to speed. Be sure to check with our specialists if you need hard-to-find restoration parts. The Beetle has been on the roads in the United States since 1950 and just keeps on rolling.

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